About Us

Peaceful Pets USA is a family-owned business operated by Tracy Peters. Tracy is a lifelong animal lover and multiple pet owner.

After living and working in Hardin County for several years, Tracy realized the need for a local pet cremation service. She combined her experience and love for animals to create Peaceful Pets USA.

In her neighborhood and around the community, Tracy is known for rescuing stray animals. She nurtures them back to good health and then finds them a loving home. Several years ago, one of the rescues, a small dog, was actually left in her mailbox. This sweet dog became a permanent member of the household, they named him Malebox. Tracy also has a two cats named Willow and Marvin.

Tracy and her husband Stephen, a Vietnam Veteran, live in Elizabethtown. They have three grown children, Caleb, Sadie and Seth.

In addition, the Peaceful Pets USA office is home to Squeaky and Inky, two cats adopted after their elderly owners passed away. The two of them have the run of the place, and love for visitors to stop by and pet them.

Please stop by anytime to visit our comfort cats and meet with Tracy.

About Our Building

Our building was originally built in 1876 as the H & E train station, running only from Hodgenville, KY to Elizabethtown, KY. We bought the building and spent a little over a year remodeling it. The original tongue and groove wood is still behind the current walls and ceilings, and a very heavy and old stove pipe is stuck in the ceiling to this day. I have found an old milk bottle, a huge wrench, a sledge hammer, a pile of whiskey bottles and old empty beer cans (way up in the ceiling), a skeleton (of a bird) and a wheat back penny dated 1911.


About Our Comfort Pets

Let us introduce you to our sweet guy, Reagan. He’s a 6 year old long haired domestic cat. We aren’t sure what his exact breed is, but we’re fairly certain he comes from a line with some Maine Coon. At six years old, Reagan is considered a senior cat, but you wouldn’t know it by watching him bat his toy mouse across the floor or jump after string tied to the end of a stick. Reagan is still a ball of energy and lots of fun to watch. Reagan was rescued from the Hardin County Animal Shelter on Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown. He has found his forever home inside our office. We’ve always had cats in our office as part of the healing and comforting process for our clients. We know when you’ve lost a pet of your own, sometimes being around another pet can be comforting. Reagan is a good listener, he will let you pet him and love on him and he loves it when you pick up a toy to play with him. 


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